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About Lisa...


I started painting glass and china back in the late 90’s after coming across some beautiful Christmas china that I couldn’t afford. I wasn’t very good at it, but with practice and using all my plain white china dishes, I eventually produced a fun Christmas dinner set. Friends and family loved my style and I have been painting unique bespoke items for them ever since.


After attending the PopUp Business School classes, I decided, along with my son, Jack, to take my skills, designs and passion public.


In these days of mass-produced products, we can ensure you own something that’s different. You can order designs and change colours to suit your own home or personalise with names or slogans that are unique for the loved one that you are buying for. I like to design unique bespoke pieces just for you. Your passions become my art. If your thing is Pandas or Porsches then I can paint one on a glass or plate. I do sell some standard pieces, that are available “off the shelf” but please don’t be afraid to ask for something different. Whether your order is large for a wedding, or a cup and saucer for your Nan, just ask. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

About Jack...

Within Mummaloo Creations, I work on the business side, focusing on the administration, social media, website as well as aiding Lisa with any further tasks.  Providing the best possible marketing and administration allows Lisa to focus on carefully hand-painting the products and delivering them to you without the distraction of paperwork! 

With all my skills having been cultivated working with previous clients on similar work, together with Lisa's incredible artistic talent, we certainly make the dream team!  As a result, we can deliver you with some of the most unique crockery and other glass and china products to brighten your home or make the perfect gift. If you have any queries, please do let us know.

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Everything is painted using Pebeo Porcelain Paint and liners (if needed), then dried for 24 hours before baking. So please, if you’re ordering for a special gift, make sure there is plenty of time between order and delivery (minimum of 3-5 business sent as First Class). Pebeo Porcelain Paint is dishwasher proof, but only at low temperatures. However, paint in general is NOT knife-proof so scratching may occur with excessive use, of course, this only applies to my painted plates.

I endeavour to keep the company as environmentally friendly as possible, therefore, all bottles sold are recycled bottles, and I don’t use glitter as it’s proven to be bad for the environment.

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